Pure Fruits Smoothie (Passion Fruit) 250ml
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Fresh & pure fruits Smoothie, Its' provide a natural taste, healthy & rich with original fruits sweetness smoothie
原汁原味纯天然的原料系列,天然健康 + 口感丰富的果昔

Shelf life
Frozen (Unopened): 30 days

What's in the box

Handling Method / 处理方式
1. Thawing needed / 需解冻

Defrost method / 解冻方法
1. Transfer the smoothie from Freezing Compartment to Fridge (Chilled)   将果昔从冷冻室转移到冰箱(冷藏)

2. Defrosting time/ thawing duration at least 2 - 3 hours in chiller (Not recommended thaw at room temperature)      在冷藏柜中的退冰时间/解冻时间至少为2 - 3小时(不建议直接放在室温解冻)

Strictly no refreeze after defrosting. 解冻后严禁再放入冷冻柜中。